The Berean Junior Academy
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Welcome to The Berean Junior Academy 

The Berean Junior Academy is one of many Seventh-Day Adventist operated Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade day schools throughout North America. Seventh-Day Adventists have operated schools for over 100 years in this country. Our National Department of Education is headquartered in Silver Springs, Maryland. BJA, as it is affectionately known by many, has been in operation for over 70 years in the city of Charlotte and is the oldest African-American Christian Academy in the city of Charlotte and three surrounding counties. We have graduated many students who have become positive and productive citizens in the community. We are proud to continue this fine tradition year after year.
The Berean Junior Academy has a God-centered curriculum, geared for average to above-average students, where Liberal Arts is stressed and is accredited by the Parochial School Association of North America and holds state recognition from the North Carolina Department of Education, which means that students can matriculate into state accredited schools. The components of the curriculum are the following: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Science, Language, Religion, Physical Education, Art, Choir and Computer Skills. We have a participatory environment where home and school work together challenging students to reach their fullest potential.
We believe that the development of the total child is important. The harmonious development of the mental, physical, social and spiritual aspect of the child is necessary if well-balanced people are to be introduced into our society. Therefore, we believe that young people should be thinkers and not mere reflectors of their environment.
Our student body is small and classes are multi-graded with a ratio of 17 to 1. Students in all grades (Pre-K through 8th) are required to wear uniforms while in attendance during the day. We begin each day with prayer and remind our students that God loves them and created them in His image. We stress that young people develop their love relationship with God, work hard, be honest, respect others and be positive. Our environment is conducive to learning, drug free and safe. Discipline based in love and fairness is administered to all students. Excellence is required and teachers stress that each individual do their best.
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"There are very few entities that have influenced me as much as Berean Junior Academy.  Much of my school life from preschool and kindergarten through eighth grade was spent at BJA.  The love and nurturing from the teachers, the instruction and guidance from the leadership, all in a biblical based, Christian atmosphere helped to establish a foundation in me that I still draw on even today.  I owe a tremendous amount of the success I’ve experienced to my years at BJA."

Councilman David L. Howard
Charlotte City Council At- Large